︎︎︎ Motion Design
︎︎︎ Branding/Packaging

︎︎︎ Case Study

“Inspired by the island of Ikaria in the Aegean sea – a certified Blue Zone where one in three people live into their nineties, IKKARI is a modern-day apothecary designed to offer curated, holistic and natural solutions to optimise health and wellbeing through the symbiotic relationship between what you put in and on your body.”

“IKKARI’s fundamental truth brings the idea that true wellness is a result of an interconnected set of conditions that cannot be achieved through any single method, treatment or product. The approach to methodologies, and structure of product ranges is split into three core categories: INNER, OUTER and AURA.”

My involvement in the project was finalising the motion design for IKKARI to use on their website/social media as well as the overall curation of the case study on the Made Thought website. 

Made Thought (2023)
3D Design: Laura Cooper

Photography ©IKKARI