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︎︎︎ Branding/Packaging

︎︎︎ Case Study

“Effectively the bath bomb of the beverage world, Plink! is a naturally flavoured effervescent tablet that turns any glass of water into a refreshing drink, using just 1% of the packaging of a normal bottled or canned drink with 98% less carbon impact per serving.”

“From the name to the bold and graphically charged identity–we envisioned an energetic and exciting brand where flavour, fun and authenticity are at the forefront. The name itself is both onomatopoeia and instruction. It's the sound of the product entering the water and starting to work its magic. For us, the energy and emotion that the name Plink! evokes helped to guide the rest of the brand language, including the use of bright colours, exaggerated typography and a very human, authentic way of communicating with the world.”

My involvement in the project was creating the final brand film and various animations for PLINK! and the Made Thought case study.

Made Thought (2023)
3D Design: Laura Cooper

Photography ©PLINK!