︎︎︎ 3D Design 
︎︎︎ Sound Design

Yuri Suzuki and the team were commissioned by SPACE10 to create one of its ‘Everyday Experiments‘—an ongoing series of digital experiments with IKEA which challenge the role of technology in the home.

The first experiment looks at using existing technologies to create invisible partitions in the home. These ‘Sound Bubbles’ use white noise from IOT speakers in a space to create noise cancelling barriers. The second experiment looks at how spatial audio can be used to manipulate the scale of domestic space, using a term called ‘Convulsion Reverb’ - creating different echoes mimicking the change in scale. For both projects, we worked with a 3D Designer to create these visualisations, which I conceptualised and helped manage throughout the project.

Pentagram (2022)

Sound Design: Maxwell Sterling
3D Design: Marie Dommenget